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Lots of homes are listed for sale that are in need of some updating. I would not recommend a seller spend a lot of money on remodeling the kitchen and bathrooms. I do however, strongly recommend that sellers invest in some minor updates so that the property appears well-maintained and move-in ready. Move-in ready, one of the top “must haves” on buyer’s lists of wants/needs.

So what do you do when you have a kitchen that is still in the 80’s? Oak cabinets, tile countertops? There are things home owners can do to counter the dated look. With some elbow grease and sometimes a small cash investment, you can have your kitchen and baths looking great.

Tomahawk before makeover

Tomahawk Kitchen After Makeover

Real Estate Agents and Home Stagers cannot stress enough, the importance of a clean, uncluttered home. Make sure that every surface in the kitchen and bath from floor-to-ceiliing have been washed, scrubbed, dusted and polished. Nothing turns a potential buyer off more than dirty, unsanitary rooms, fixtures and appliances.

Tile Countertops: Replace or repair cracked and/or broken tiles. Clean the grout and if necessary replace it. Try using sandpaper to scrub the surface of the grout or use a grout cleaning solution. There are also grout markers available at most home improvement stores that come in a variety of colors. You may need to reseal so check with your home improvement expert.

Bathroom Before

Cabinets: Paint and stain is your best friend when replacing the cabinets isn’t an option. This home stager recommends not painting over the hardware. It’s best to remove cabinet doors and hardware for painting.

 Bathroom After

At the very least, cabinetry should be washed and polished. We recommend Murphy’s Oil Soap. This product cleans the wood and brings back the shine and luster. See the difference in this cabinet door? 


                Oak Kitchen Cabinet Before         Oak Kitchen Cabinet After

Pro Staged Homes suggests updating faucets, fixtures and lighting whenever possible. These items can be purchased relatively inexpensively but provide a lot of bang for the buck.

1-1/4 in. Hollow Cabinet Hardware Knob 25-Pack   Home Depot sells contractor packs of knobs for about $40 and 3 in. Satin Nickel Cabinet Pulls 10-Pack 10 packs of pulls for about $16.

Taking the time to make these small changes will net great gains in the amount of time it takes to sell, the selling price of your home and quite possibly multiple offers. Home selling is about perception and a well-maintained home is always perceived with a higher value!

Thinking or planning on selling? Properties staged by Pro Staged Homes average less than 10 days to an accepted offer and less than 54 days to close of escrow. Call us today and schedule your home staging consultation. You’ll be glad you did!

Proven results in priced-right, staged-home sales!



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Los Angeles Home Staging: West LA Stunning Remodel

Stunning West Los Angeles home completely remodeled and staged by Pro Staged Homes.

Listing Price: $985,000 Status: Active

2744 Midvale Ave Los Angeles (City) CA 90064 Residential –

Single Family Living Area: 1,955 Sq. Ft. Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 3.5

Conveniently located on a quiet street in Rancho Park neighborhood of West LA, this beautiful 4 bedroom & 3-1/2 bath home (including the addition) is completely renovated with professional designs.

This property is within walking distance to everything you want: great schools, groceries, shops, and restaurants.

Within this contemporary styled house, there are new dual pane energy efficient vinyl windows, new copper plumbing, new electrical panel and system, new recessed lighting and fixtures, new HVAC system, new exterior & interior paint, new front and backyard deck, new hardwood and tile floors, new doors and newly landscaped garden with a fountain. The kitchen has new custom cabinets, quartz-stone countertop, and equipped fully with stainless steel appliances. All bathrooms have been upgraded with mosaic tile layout, modern bath faucets and accessories. Front and backyard gardens are beautifully designed and landscaped with new plantings, pebbles, and trees.

Terms: Standard Sale Listing courtesy of Realty One Group Inc, James Chen;



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Averaging less than 10 days to an accepted offer and less than 54 days to close of escrow, Pro Staged Homes has…

Proven results in priced right-staged homes sales.

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The listing agent for this beautiful Claremont CA view home had never used a home stager before. She had shown the property several time but there were no takers. After taking our advice to remove the existing furnishings and bring in up-to-date furniture and accessories, the home was re-presented.

The result? The house sold in one day! The buyers had viewed the property before it was staged and decided it wasn’t the right house for them. After being persuaded to come back for another look after staging, they bought it.

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I ask myself all the time why one would take money off the table when there may not be a need to. I’m hearing that home prices are rising, rates are low, there are buyers but not enough homes for sale. So, if this is true, why aren’t the properties that are on the market not selling?

I think that we all would agree that the right pricing is critical to the success of selling a home. Second to that success is probably location. And third, condition. Obvously pricing is under our control. If the property is priced correctly, you’re one-third of the way there. Location though, not much one can do to change that. But still, you bought the house because you liked something enough to overlook the location so chances are there are buyers who will also. That leaves condition. The home’s condition is going to be the thing that makes or breaks the sale. And we definitely have control over the condition.

The goal of every seller is to get the most money possible for the property and to get it sold as quickly as possible. The longer a house sits on the market, the more likely there will be a price reduction and less than full price offer. But there are things sellers can do to help avoid this from happening to them. And it costs a whole lot less than a price reduction. What is it? Home Staging. By this time, you have heard about it, you know what it is. If you’re looking for a new place to buy, chances are you’ve seen properties that have been staged.

So what is is that is holding you back from taking advantage of one of the most advantageous, successful investment and marketing strategies available? HomeGains 2012 annual survey ranks home staging at #5 on their list of top improvements when it comes to selling a home, What should be noted is that the top 4 improvements are all part of home staging.

Pro Staged Homes staged 4 properties in the last few weeks. All of them are now in escrow. Since the time they were staged, there were no price drops. Each one sold within days of being staged and listed.  The average price to stage these 4 homes? $3700 for a 60-day contract. None of them will exceed their 2-month contract. A $3700 investment that gives you a nearly 200% return and you’re going to reduce your price by $10,000? Pro Staged Homes averages less than 54 days from date staged to close of escrow – 6 days less than our minimum contract term. The Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), who tracks sales as date staged to accepted offer puts the national average at 42 days. Using RESA’s method, Pro Staged Homes # of days staged-to-sold is less than 10.

For example:

1939 Grace St Family Room On the market nearly 50 days with no offers. Staged and offer accepted within 20 days.


933 Conlon La Puente Staged with open house – opened 45 day escrow less than 10 days later.


2931 San Angelo Claremont Purchased one day after the open house by a couple who viewed the house unstaged and didn’t think it was the right house for them!


2744 Midvale West LA This sophisticated stunner received an offer the week after the open house.

With results like these, isn’t the investment in home staging a much wiser and faster route to selling your home than a price reduction?

Proven results in priced right-staged home sales.

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Home Staging: Vacant to Staged For Sale

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While out an about yesterday, I happened to drive by one of our current home stages and saw a SOLD sign attached to the For Sale post. I called the agent to congratulate him and found out that the house is now in escrow. We staged this property on July 12…

We stage for these agents regularly and average a staged-to-sold ratio of about 34-40 days on their properties. These gentlemen know the value and results bringing in a professional home stager have on the home selling process. Call today and let Pro Staged Homes give you…


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