Home Staging is only for high-end homes. We’ve been seeing and hearing that for years. Just look at all the model home communities. Theses gorgeous properties are staged to the max. Buyers tour them, sometimes drooling and sometimes finding love-at-first-site. Admit it, haven’t many of us spent our weekends driving around to the grand openings, delighted and excited by the life-style decorating feast we’re about to partake in?

But the times, they are a changin’. Home Staging is here to stay and it’s growing in popularity. That is in large part due to all of the HGTV like programming, decorating magazines and media attention being given to the home selling and buying industry. But it’s also because people want to get in on that slice of heaven they saw in the models. Home buyers at all price levels want a piece of that pie.    Piece of the Pie

Here in America, buying a home is almost a constitutional right, it’s always been touted as the great American Dream. Buy a home, set down roots and become a part of this great country. But do only wealthy people get a piece of this pie? Are only wealthy people entitled to buy that heavenly lifestyle? Of course not.

Whether the buyer is a first-timer, moving up or down-sizing, they still desire that dreamy lifestyle they saw in the model home. Most people will be able to describe every detail of “that” model house they fell in love with – no matter how long ago it was that they saw it. And there’s a reason for that.  Home Staging.  Love at first site They made an emotional connection to a home that was staged, a home that hooked them on the lifestyle living in that house would bring them. It wasn’t just because the price was right, it wasn’t just the location. It was the way the house was staged, it was the way the house appealed to their emotional senses, the way that house looked and felt like a home to them.

Some will say it’s pricing. Some will say it’s the location. Some say both. Some still don;t believe in that value (Check out HomeGains 2011 Top 10 Home Improvement Realtor Survey) home staging brings to the table. But let’s face it, buying a home is a highly emotional process. Home Staging is based on that emotion, placing focus on the features, showing how each space can be used, high-lighting all of the home’s potential. In many cases, when a buyer is torn between 2 or more properties, where one is staged and the other vacant, often times, it’s the staged home that will sell.

Check out a few of Pro Staged Homes wide range of staged properties:

363 W Peach St Compton CA before staging    363 Peach St Compton CA staged by Pro Staged Homes  Compton CA $185,000


Maimone San Dimas living room before staging   S Maimone San Dimas living room staged by Pro Staged Homes San Dimas $280,000


Glendora CA family-dining before staging   Glendora CA family-dining staged by Pro Staged Homes Glendora CA $622,00

Chino Hills master retreat before staging     Chino Hills master retreat staged by Pro Staged Homes   Chino Hills CA $989,900

Proven results in priced right staged home sales

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