The power of home staging at work again. This gorgeous Diamond Bar CA home sold in just 39 days and it sold for $10,000 above the asking price. It made believers in staging of the investor team sellers. So much so, since the home sold before the staging lease expired, we moved the furniture over to another property the team is selling.

When potential buyers walk into a vacant property this is what they are greeted by. Is room this memorable? Can you imagine living here? Is it creating an emotional attachment, drawing you in, begging you to buy it? Of course not. It’s just 4 walls. A plain, univiting empty room.

Pro Staged Homes Family Room Before

What did draw buyers in was this colorful, inviting space that showed off the rooms potential, created a perceived lifestyle that buyers want to enjoy. This room made buyers remember it, linger in it, long to live in it. So much so, a bidding war, yes, in this market, a bidding war resulted in the home selling for $10,000 over the asking price.

Pro Staged Homes Family Room After

Yes, the power of home staging at work once again proves how effective home staging is especially in vacant properties. This is one time where I can truly state the Pro Staged Homes staged a home that sold faster and for more money.

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Pro Staged Homes     San Dimas, CA  91773     909-714-1149


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