My friend has decided to sell her home and asked me to help her stage it for sale. My friend is a huge believer in staging and I will go as far as to say she is my biggest fan and has promoted me to everyone she knows – without me even knowing it. Through her, I received another staging job. Anyway, she told me up front that she needed a lot of help, that it was a big house and she was really overwhelmed. Of course I agreed and we set up an appointment for me to do a walk-through.

This is the first room I saw as I entered the house;

Living Room Before Living Room Before

The formal living room was being used as the kids playroom. The kids are ages 5 and 2 and they are very active. It is important that they have a place to play and being a 2-story home, my friend wanted their playroom downstairs where the family spends the bulk of their time. Completely understandable for living purposes but not for selling.

After finishing the walk through, it was clear what we needed to do. First of all, we have to turn the playroom back into the living room – not only because that is the rooms’ intended purpose – but also because it is the first room you see when coming into the house.

This is a large home and there is a living room, family room and upstairs bonus room. So here’s what we did. We removed all of the toys and furniture out of the room and moved the furniture from the family room into the living room. The living room is smaller so to make it appear more spacious, we took the chair and ottoman out and packed them away.

Family Room Before Family Room Before

In a perfect world the playroom would go but this is an occupied home and the family must be able to continue to function while the home is on the market. So, we took the furniture from the unused upstairs bonus room and moved it downstairs to the family room and because the kids still need a place to play, we made the upstairs bonus room the playroom.

Living Room After

Family Room After Play Room After

Playroom After

After a lot of hard work, we were all pretty happy with the results. The house shows really well and buyers have been very positive about the property. The first people who came through submitted an offer. We’re expecting this home to sell fast!

When selling a home while still living in it, changes have to be made that can and will create inconveniences for the family. In this case, we really needed to keep the play room but by moving it upstairs and keeping all the kids toys contained to that one space, buyers can see the home’s beauty and function and it makes “sense” that there would be a play room. Yet, they can envision using that bonus room to suit their needs.


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