No it was all three!

We were called to duty for a variety of needs for this particular homeowner. The homeowner is getting on in years and the home has become cluttered with a lifetime of memories, momentos and just plain junk! They bought the model back in 1992 and although they had put in new kitchen countertops a few years back, everything else was exactly as it was back then. He needed to pare down – at the age of 79 and a widower of 5 years, the 2000SF home is just too much to keep up with. He also wanted to make sure that the house would be in the condition needed to ge the highest and best selling price.

In our mini-remodel, we tore out all of the carpet and tile and installed wood laminate flooring throughout the house. We painted every room and updated all of the lighting fixtures, wall and switch plates, toilets, faucets, mirrors and window treatments. We installed the new comfort-height toilets, and put in rocker switch plates, faux-wood blinds and verticles, brushed nickel ceiling fans, chandeliers, door knobs, entry door hardware and fixtures. We threw out bags and boxes and boxes and bags of junk and held a yard sale to get rid of everything that was in good, usable condition and donated what was sold.

In our redesign, we used what the homeowner already had but we removed all of the clutter and excess furniture from every room and purchased new artwork, rugs and accessories for the bathrooms and main living areas of the home. To give the outdated dining chairs a more updated look we recovered them in a spa blue striped fabric and coordinated them with curtains, artwork and a table runner. We used the same fabric to make throw pillows for the living room sofa. The bathrooms were the only rooms where we replaced everything that had been in them.

The main kitchen area was in pretty good shape so we just cleaned it up, removed some of the clutter from the counters, cleaned out and organized the cabinets and brought in a few updated accessories.

In our staging, to prep for eventual sale we used neutral paint colors and more colorful updated accessories. When the time comes to sell, we’ll bring in updated furniture in the main living areas and depersonalize the homeowner’s office, photographs and book collections.

We put a lot of hard work into this project and the homeowner is absolutely thrilled with the results. Not only is it easier for him to keep up with, he’s hired a cleaning service to come in every other week to make sure the house stays in selling condition now that it’s done.


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