Selling a Home? ProStaged Homes Top 11 Staging Tips

There are many homes on the market today and sellers need to do everything they can to prepare their homes to get the best possible price in the quickest manner possible. And the majority of home buyers are beginning their searches on the internet and they want lots of pictures before they spend the time to actually go and view a property.

Whether you’re selling your home yourself on Zillow or have a real estate agent, make sure you have great pictures that really show off your home’s potential. Your mindset should be – Why would a buyer purchase my home over any of my competition?

The best advice I can give is to hire a professional stager. They will work with you through the entire process, guiding you every step of the way, prepping your house to be the “star of the show”. If it’s too expensive or you’re a real DIY kind of person – at the very least consider getting a comprehensive DIY Report from your professional stager.

If your property is a short sale, flip or vacant you may want to give even more serious thought to having it staged. Staging has been proven to sell homes faster and for more money and that’s probably one of your top objectives in selling your property – selling it fast! You need to get potential buyers in the door and professionally staging your home will accomplish that for you. It is well worth the money you’ll invest to get serious offers up front.

So with that in mind, here is Pro Staged Homes top 11 tips for preparing your home for sale.

Curb Appeal

1. Make a Good First Impression – Make sure your home’s exterior is welcoming and inviting, paint windows & trim, add seasonal flowers, clear all clutter and debris. Don’t forget the rear and side yards.

2. Be Ready to Show – Your home needs to be show-ready at all times. No dishes in the sink, dust furniture and floors daily, make the beds and put the toilet seat down!

Updated Kitchen

3. Kitchens Sell Homes – Replace or update old cabinets & counters. Paint & new hardware works wonders! Clear off table and countertops. Everything should be clean, fresh and sparkling!

4. De-Personalize Your Home Pack – away collections, personal photos & unused items. You want buyers focused on your house not your belongings.

Updated Bathroom

5. Don’t Take on Massive Remodeling Jobs – Make updates that will get you top dollar. Fresh neutral paint, update window treatments, fix leaky sinks, clean windows, tiles, grout.

6. Have Pets? Buyers don’t want to see or smell bowls of dog food or litter boxes (especially in the eating areas) in your home. Take your pets on an outing during showings. And don’t include pets in your pictures. You may be preventing a large percentage of possible buyers from even viewing your home due to allergies or other pet-related issues.

7. Get the Right Agent – Find a broker who knows your area, knows the comps, monitors the multiple listing service (MLS) and utilizes the net (again, where most homeowner go to find a home).

Updated Guest Bedroom

8. Lighten and Brighten – Take down heavy draperies, clean the windows, remove wallpaper, change out lampshades, paint darker rooms a neutral light shade, trim shrubs that block the windows. Buyers want a bright and cheery home.

9. Empty Out the Closets – Buyers want storage, storage, storage. Remove out of season clothes and shoes and anything that doesn’t belong there. Make sure all closets and cabinets are neat and tidy.

10. PRICE IT RIGHT – Don’t play the “reduced again” game. Find out what your house is worth. Consider knocking 15%-20% off and you’ll be stampeded by offers – even in today’s market. It takes courage but it’s the single best strategy to sell a home.

11. Hire a Professional Stager – Stagers have an unbiased and objective eye and are trained to identify (not hide) any problem areas and make your home appeal to the widest variety of potential buyers. To cut down on costs, many stagers will work with what you already own. In most cases you’ll recoup your costs from a higher selling price.


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