Did I Discover A Best Kept Secret?

I feel like I just discovered a best kept secret! You may already know about these resources but I wanted to share them for those that haven’t heard.

A new client put me onto a store called The Alley. They have several locations in the Palm Springs/Indio area and a new location in Rancho Cucamonga. I visited the Rancho store Saturday night and fell in love! The Alley has great deals on home decorating goods. Prices are good to begin with but the sale prices are even better! I got lighting and artwork for 50% off, sofa pillows for $4.99. Yes, $4.99! They have furniture, lighting, artwork, accessories and more. Great store for when you’re working with a tight budget. Next door to The Alley I found the

Tai Pan Trading Company. They have several locations in Utah and their newst store is the Rancho Cucamonga location. They sell at wholesale prices and are open to the public. Again, amazing prices on furniture, accessories and more and ideal for tight budgets.

If you’re within driving distance I encourage you to visit these stores and have lots of fun shopping and getting great bargains.


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